This blog came about as I had a lot of friends and family and around the world with busy lives, some with children, wanting to eat less meat and not knowing how or where to start, their main concerns were:

some vegan recipes have unusual ingredients that are hard to come by,

the recipes take ages to make,

whilst others are completely different from the normal traditional recipes that we are used to eating,

my kids won’t eat that! I won’t eat that! Were their complaints. 

Here I come in.

What if I researched classic recipes, simplified them as much as I could, and made them vegan?

I’m going to write a book! 

Then I thought…what if I blogged about this experience?!

I’m in my 40’s (eat like a vegan), have two young kids, who ate meat up until a couple of years ago, and my son has a lot of allergies, dairy being one of them.

Turns out I already have a ton of recipes from the last few years alone! (but not enough for a book)…I have also had a few health issues which I’ve cured through diet alone (hormone imbalanceand hyperthyroidism). Just to understand food a bit more I did a whole food plant based nutrition course from E-Cornell University, so I could maximise the recipes with as much healthy nutritious ingredients as possible.

And voila,

Cami’s Kitchen was born.

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